Anna Pesavento - Cinematographer and Editor Anna Pesavento - Cinematographer and Editor
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Konzept Riki von Falken & Oscar Loeser 
Choreographie Tanz Riki von Falken
Videographik Oscar Loeser
Livesound/Musik Ralf Grüneberg
Bühne / Licht Clemens Kowalski
Dramaturgie Katja Kettner
Bildregie Anna Pesavento
Kamera Livestream Andrea Keiz
Moderation Stream 2 und 4 Dr. Elisabeth Nehring
Produktionsleitung Christine Elbel
PR Kerstin Böttcher
Grafik Franziska Schwarz
Gefördert durch Hauptstadtkulturfonds & Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa


Movement permeates the room. It is the point of departure for everything; it begins, dies away, wavers and overlaps in the interplay of sound, projection and light. The simultaneity of precision and experiment builds up a creative suction, dense and light, sharp and playful at the same time: an atmosphere of fleeting intimacy in the encounters. Lines are whirring between light and shadow and open up ever changing opportunities for fragile approximations to the architecture of the line.

STREAM 1 and 3 we are happy to let you take part in the production process. Together with you, we will go right into the mid part of our production. A set of key words, which we have developed in the course of our exploration of the expressive possibilities and qualities of the line in space by means of dance, music live video and light, becomes the source of inspiration for a free association process. The interplay is fragile and each evening it constitutes itself in a different way in different ways.
We share with you our creative working process and we are looking forward to a chat with you afterwards. 30-40mins. + talk/live chat.

For Stream 2 and 4 we were able to win over dance journalist Dr. Elisabeth Nehring. As a companion of many years, she gives insights into the work of choreographer and dancer Riki von Falken. Subsequently, we will show live demonstrations of the first half of the production “The architecture of a line”. In a talk following you will be invited to exchange viewpoints with the team of artists.

All formats will take about an hour transmission time and will give you an insight into the working method of Riki von Falken and her team consisting of Oscar Loeser (live video), Clemens Kowalski (space &light), Ralf Grüneberg and (music & sound) and Katja Kettner (dramaturgy).