Anna Pesavento - Cinematographer and Editor Anna Pesavento - Cinematographer and Editor

Sister Fa, born in April of 1982 in Dakar, Senegal, took her first steps in rap-music in 2000 when she recorded her first demo-tape and got to know the Senegalese rap community. In 2003, she joined the label FN`F –Fight n´ Forget – where she participated on several compilations.

At the end of 2003, she was invited for the second time to the Senegalese Hip-Hop Awards, which had particularly been dedicated to fight against AIDS that year. From that brought the release of the compilation, Tous Rappons le Sida, which Sister Fa contributed.

In August 2005, her long awaited first solo-album, which she had produced herself with great love and enthusiasm, was finally released in Senegal. In December of the same year, her dedicated and hard work paid off when Sister Fa won the best newcomer of the year award at the fifth Senegalese Hip-Hop-Awards.

In March 2006, Sister Fa moved to Berlin, Germany, to live with her husband, an Austrian ethnologist and documentary filmmaker.

With all her strength, Sister Fa fights against the practice of female genital mutilation. She traveled with her band through Senegal for three weeks in January of 2008 on a self-organized tour entitled "Education sans Mutilation," with the hopes of sensitizing the population of her homeland to the cruelty of the practice.

We had the pleasure to interview Sister Fa about her experiences as a female hip-hop artist, the differences of her life in Senegal and Berlin, and about her recent social engagements. She talks about how the internet has improved the international communication and how it enables her, as a musician, to cooperate with other artists around the world.

The video also shows footage of Sister Fa's concert on August 21 at the PopDeurope
Festival in Berlin.